WHAT IF... You could fit it all in, have a little fun, feel great on the inside, and look great on the outside? Wouldn't that be AMAZING?!?!

You know you need some balance in your life - you should sleep more, eat healthier, manage your stress, and maybe even try to break a sweat sometime.

It's time for a change and you're willing to do the work. But you don't know what to do - or how - and you just don't have time to waste while you figure it all out. If only you had an expert guide dedicated to your success...

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Monica Young (a.k.a. MoYo) and I am a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, specializing in Women's Weight Loss. I believe there is a safe, effective, realistic - and (gasp!) even fun - way to achieve your weight loss goals.

I started Get Fit With MoYo because I know that even though losing weight is hard, it can be simple.

I want to share my experience to help other women - because I know it's not so much about the scale... it's about feeling comfortable and confident, healthy, and strong - inside and out!

How I can help you...

I'm very happy to offer my Personal Training, Health Coaching, and Weight Loss Programs in-person (if you live in or near Charlotte, NC) and virtually by phone/skype (everyone else).

CLICK HERE to learn more about the programs and options that are available.

You and I will make a great team if...

* you want to create some new healthy habits and/or break some not-so-healthy ones
* you are struggling to find balance and ready to make a change
* you are willing to do the work - you just need to know what to do
* you need a kick in the pants (and/or a hug)
* you would love to have a passionate coach in your corner to provide  some direction, support, guidance, and accountability.

Where to go from here...

Explore what working with me might look like, get to know me a little better on my blog, schedule a no-pressure consultation, or just say Hello and let me know what kind of help you need.

I can work with you from just about anywhere in the world, and I would love to hear from you!