Taking the Scary Out of Weight Loss – Episode 5

“Taking the Scary Out of Weight Loss” is an online Workshop Series that I am hosting between now and the end of March. It’s a really fun format where we will be talking coffee-shop-style WITH you (not AT you) about losing weight and feeling great.

I have invited expert teachers, trainers, and coaches from all over the world to share their very best tips & tricks to help you overcome your fears and take small, realistic steps to change your daily habits so you can feel more comfortable & confident, healthy, and strong – inside and out!

The next workshop is Wednesday, February 22, at 12:30 PM EST, and you can CLICK HERE to reserve your spot (or receive the replay if you can’t make it live).

In the meantime, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the guest speakers:

Rachel Lajoie is an astronomer turned Health Coach and the owner of Mind Body Joy

Rachel has been interested in healthy eating and exercise since a very young age and ran for NCAA in college. However, in graduate school Rachel developed an eating disorder which taught her to stop focusing on diet and exercise alone and start looking at well-being as a whole.

Rachel now uses her passion for mind-body health to help women end cravings and emotional eating, naturally maintain their ideal body weight, and live a life they love!  

Rachel received her training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and currently coaches clients, hosts workshops, blogs for the Huffington Post, and speaks for the Johns Hopkins University Work Life and Engagement program. 


Jenn Espinosa-Goswami is a former fat girl turned accidental health coach who believes that the power to transform comes from within (not some magical product).

Working moms hire Jenn so they can stop starving and start living a life of body bliss, without sacrificing precious time with their family or career.

A resident of Minnesota, Jenn lost 100 pounds over 18 years ago, and has been featured on Women’s Health, Prevention, Diets in Review, Half Size Me, and Fox.

She is a prolific public speaker; writer and instructor at UBC’s peer support program on type 2 Diabetes.

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot today, and get ready to kick “the scary” in the pants!

*Even if you can’t make the event “live” you can go ahead and sign up, and I’ll send you the replay afterwards!*

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