Taking the Scary Out of Weight Loss – Episode 6

“Taking the Scary Out of Weight Loss” is an online Workshop Series that I am hosting between now and the end of March. It’s a really fun format where we will be talking coffee-shop-style WITH you (not AT you) about losing weight and feeling great.

I have invited expert teachers, trainers, and coaches from all over the world to share their very best tips & tricks to help you overcome your fears and take small, realistic steps to change your daily habits so you can feel more comfortable & confident, healthy, and strong – inside and out!

The next workshop is Wednesday, March 8, at 7:00 PM EST, and you can CLICK HERE to reserve your spot (or receive the replay if you can’t make it live).

In the meantime, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the guest speakers:

Dr. Nicki Steinberger is a holistic health educator, speaker, & coach.

She holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and a M.A. in spiritual psychology.

She is the creator of the Holistic Lifestyle Practices (HLP) approach to preventing & reversing Diabetes Type II. Dr. Nicki created & co-hosted NaturalHealthShow, a weekly live video broadcast on Periscope.tv.

At age 45, Dr Nicki, was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II & by age 46 she reversed it 100% naturally.

Her mission is to help everyday people take back their health & reclaim joy, vitality, & plenty.


Anne Steppe is a Professional Organizer. 

Anne feels a deep sense of calling to the field of organizing.  She enjoys the journey of guiding people into the realization that their lives are not to be defined by the amount of stuff they own, rather the experiences in which we engage.

Anne is passionate about speaking to groups and organizations as a way to further share her message, that in order to fully embrace and live in to ones calling on their life you must rid your home and life of the unnecessary “life plaque,” that builds up over time.

Anne is going to be teaching us how getting organized can help you lose weight!

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot today, and get ready to kick “the scary” in the pants!

*Even if you can’t make the event “live” you can go ahead and sign up, and I’ll send you the replay afterwards!*

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