Taking the Scary Out of Weight Loss – Episode 7

“Taking the Scary Out of Weight Loss” is an online Workshop Series that I am hosting between now and the end of March. It’s a really fun format where we will be talking coffee-shop-style WITH you (not AT you) about losing weight and feeling great.

I have invited expert teachers, trainers, and coaches from all over the world to share their very best tips & tricks to help you overcome your fears and take small, realistic steps to change your daily habits so you can feel more comfortable & confident, healthy, and strong – inside and out!

The next workshop is Wednesday, March 22, at 12:30 PM EST, and you can CLICK HERE to reserve your spot (or receive the replay if you can’t make it live).

In the meantime, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the guest speakers:

When it comes to living an amazing life, Gordana Jakopcevic has a simple philosophy:Knowledge is power and YOU are in control when it comes to your own health and body.

As a fitness expert, athlete, mindset coach, author, cancer survivor and founder of GordanaJ, Gordana is dedicated to helping women take back control of their lives and become vibrant, healthy and connected to their own bodies. She teaches women how to empower themselves through strength and create bodies and lives they love. 

Her stories and insights have been featured in Strong Fitness Magazine, Optimize Magazine, The Toronto Star and bodybuilding.com among other websites and publications.

When she’s not coaching, you can find her running around with her three daughters, coming up with amazing recipes or traveling to new destinations.


Tarah Galloway is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Illinois and a mind+body+soul coach. Tarah helps women uncover and release mental blocks that get in the way of happiness AND weight loss goals.

After Tarah struggled to lose the baby weight, she discovered that psychological reasons were the main cause of her difficulties – why she kept making excuses, skipping workouts and abandoning her diet (late night cheesecake anyone?).

She’s now in the best shape of her life after applying uncommon techniques that helped her shed 30 lbs. of pure fat. And she did it all without starving herself or spending endless hours in the gym.

She now helps women do the exact same thing so that they can finally break the viscous cycle of guilt and shame and have a body they feel proud of.


CLICK HERE to reserve your spot today, and get ready to kick “the scary” in the pants!

*Even if you can’t make the event “live” you can go ahead and sign up, and I’ll send you the replay afterwards!*

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