Private Coaching

Do you want to improve your health, exercise more, eat better, or reduce your stress? Or maybe you want to stop smoking, get a good night’s sleep, reduce your risk of disease or manage your time better?

No matter what your health and wellness goals and needs are, we will work together to create a plan with small-but-mighty action steps, and all the support and accountability you need to overcome your challenges and Get Happy, Healthy, and Fit! 

Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, we can meet “in-person” via video conference while you are in the comfort, privacy, and convenience of your own home.

This Program Includes…

 VIP Assessment & Planning Day – to make sure we are going to be a great fit and to get you started on the right foot
 Professional Instruction – “live” coaching Sessions via Video Conference in the privacy and convenience of your own home; Audio and Video recordings after every session
 Customized Action Plan – goal setting, hand-selected resources and recommendations based on your individual needs and challenges
 Health Coaching & Nutrition Support – to help you create a healthy lifestyle
 Customized Exercise Programming – safe and effective workouts designed for maximum results in minimum time
 On-Your-Own Work – action steps between each session so you know what to do, when, and how on the days that we are not meeting in person
 Private Facebook Group – for additional accountability, motivation, support and community with other Get Fit Coaching Clients
 VIP Email support between sessions – email anytime with questions, concerns, or challenges and get a response within 24 business hours

This is a great fit for you if…

You are a beginner just getting started or need a jump start to get on track
You want to live a healthier lifestyle now, and you are worried about your quality of life as you get older
You want to develop and maintain new healthy habits (and break some old not-so-healthy habits)
The thought of going to a gym makes you feel overwhelmed, insecure or frustrated, and you prefer the privacy and comfort of working out in your own home
You are not motivated to workout on your own and need maximum accountability
Know that you need to make a change in your lifestyle but you don’t have time to waste trying to figure things out on your own

Do you want to be more comfortable, confident, healthy & strong?

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Monica, thank you for providing me with a fun and challenging training program. I have never been in shape. I never committed myself to a trainer or exercise program before you, in fact, I always dreaded exercise. Now, I look forward to working out and I love the way I look and feel. My body is toned, I am noticeably stronger, and my energy has
increased tremendously. Again, thanks Monica, for helping me set fitness and nutrition
goals to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can be someone/somewhere different or you can stay where you are right now, but the year is going to happen anyway. Who do you want to be this time next year?

Lora B

Wondering why you need to apply?

The Get Fit Adventure is a premium program with a very high level of personal attention, customization, accountability and support.

It has a proven track record for getting results. But space is limited, and it’s not for everyone.

This program requires a big investment and major commitment from both of us, so I have the application and interview process in place to give us quality time to discuss your goals and challenges, get all your questions answered, and make sure that we’re going to be a good fit to work together.

Got Questions? This Might Help…

No worries! If you can’t make a call you’ll just submit your weekly check-in and any questions in advance and I’ll address it all during the call. Each call will be recorded and you’ll be able to access the Video and/or Autio replays in our Membership Site within 24 hours.
This program is designed for beginners, so don’t worry about being out of shape. We’ll take things one small step at a time, and your workouts will be customized to meet your specific needs as an individual.

We’ll discuss any aches, pains, injuries, etc during your getting started call, and if needed, I will direct you to get medical clearance and/or advice. Otherwise, I’ll give you modifications and work-arounds as we go along. I’ve worked with people with sprained ankles, full-leg or full-arm casts, knee replacements, hip replacements, back pain, and more. If for any reason you can not exercise at all, we can focus on the nutrition and mindset portions until you are ready to get moving again.

That’s totally fine! The workouts I design for this program can be done in your home, at your office, a local park, or anywhere else that feels good to you.

Every exercise we do uses your body for weight and resistance. At some point you might want to invest in a light set of dumbbells, but I don’t ever require you to use equipment.

Then this program will be ideal for you! Your exercise routine will be completely customized. The routines that I give you will all be 30 minutes or less (unless you want more), but if you can only commit to 10 minutes three days a week, then we’ll do the best that we can with 10 minutes three days a week. We’ll touch base each month to update your exercise plan, so as your needs and schedule change, so will your exercise plan.
Absolutely not! Weight loss is personal and private, and I take your confidentiality seriously.

I will ask you to take before and after photos for your own reference so you can celebrate your progress as we go along, but I will never exploit our relationship by posting them on my website.

If you have a great experience and want to share your success story or provide a testimonial, I might ask for a small head-shot but that’s about as crazy as we’ll get around here.

The Get Fit Adventure is very effective, and I have a proven track record of getting great results. But it takes time, hard work and dedication to reap the full benefits.

If I offered an option to cancel, then when things get hard (which they will at some point) it would be too easy for you to give up on yourself and quit, and I wouldn’t be doing my job of keeping you supported and accountable.

I really want you to succeed, so I consider the first 30 days a trial period to make sure it’s going to be a good fit. If for any reason you find the program isn’t working for you, we’ll schedule a time to chat to see if we can sort things out, and if not then I will refund your investment.

After the 30-day trial period there are no cancellations. There are no refunds. This is non-negotiable.

I stand behind my program 100%. If for any reason you feel that your needs are not being met, I will be happy to schedule a time to speak with you privately to discuss.


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